Art Fairs in Times of Social Distancing

This document is a practical and spatial translation of existing guidelines from industry related organisations such as CIMAM and the Dutch Museums Association, international governmental guidelines and restrictions, implemented and evaluated solutions and findings from museums, galleries and restaurants from regions that have already opened up and online research.

Our toolkit is by no means a ‘one size fits all’ solution but is meant to trigger alternative thinking with regards to finding solutions for spatial challenges related to social distancing. It can also be used as a toolkit from which art fair organisers can pick and choose what is relevant for them and further develop their own approach by making it location, site and situation specific.

Furthermore, we hope this document allows and challenges organisations to look at the spatial interventions from an aesthetical point of view as well. And encourages them to develop and execute a well-designed plan that offers visitors an optimal visitor journey and places art at the core, without getting distracted by spatial interventions.

We believe this document could also support organisations in: 
- Developing protocols to convince authorities
- Reassuring and convincing exhibitors and visitors to come
- Making exhibitors, visitors and staff feel at ease
- Enabling visitors to move around easily and reach their destination
- Enabling visitors to focus on the art on show

Knowing the coronavirus crisis is not stagnant, we will update the document available on our website on a regular basis and integrate new findings and insights. Therefore, it is not a static document, but a permanent work in progress.

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